Product Stacker

Product Stacker

  • Elements can be lifted without using the overhead crane;
  • Quick lifting and transport operations;
  • Ability to adjust the position of the clamps depending on the length of the element to be lifted;
  • High load capacity.
The machine is used to lift the cut elements from the bed and to stack them along the production bed itself. Once the stacking is complete the machine is able to lift and transport the entire stack to outside the production hall from where a forklift or overhead crane can take them to the stocking area.

This minimizes the amount of backwards and forwards travel needed to clear a production bed of manufactured product. The Product Stacker can be fitted with different clamps depending on the element to be lifted.

When lifting short elements the machine can be fitted with more clamps in order to efficiently transport as many elements at the same time as possible.


Distance between clamps is adjustable using a handle
Distance between clamps is adjustable using a
Lifting clamps actioned hydraulically
Lifting clamps actioned hydraulically
Stacker device
Stacker device
Ergonomic operator seat
Ergonomic operator seat
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