Casting Beds

The production beds are used as the casting surface of the manufactured product and can be  either concrete, cast directly on the floor of the production factory or an assembled metal bed.

The choice of the type of bed depends on the products to be manufactured.
Concrete beds are used when the surface of the produced elements  that are in contact with the bed do not require a high quality surface finish such as posts, beams or lintels.

When the quality of the surface in contact with the casting bed is paramount, as when producing hollow core slabs, steel casting beds are used.
In both cases the beds are of vital importance to achieve a good quality of the finished product and should be prepared with great care and precision.

Steel Casting Beds

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Concrete Beds

The bed is formed by a smoothed concrete base with a set of rails on which the...

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Milling Machine for Concrete Beds

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Wall Panel Installation Trolley

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