Ancillary Equipment

The production of prestressed concrete elements requires many accessories, consumables and spare parts. All the ancillary equipment needed is supplied by NORDIMPIANTI.

To ensure efficient production at minimum cost Nordimpianti supplies its customers with the highest quality accessories and spare parts.

Service Platform

The service platform helps make the maintenance and calibration of the casting machines...

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Machine Transfer Trolley

The machine transfer trolley makes it easy to transfer production machines from one bed...

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Wedges and Barrels

Wedges and barrels are used for fixing the prestressing wires onto the reaction beams....

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Diamond Cutting Blade

The cutting blades are used to cut prestressed concrete elements with special sawing...

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Blindo Trolley Line

The blindo trolley is mounted longitudinally on a support structure to avoid stressing...

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Supply Pillar with interlocked sockets

The pillars allow electrical connection to the production machines. Positioned at the...

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