Maturity Control System

Maturity Control System

  • Able to program the heating cycle;
  • Modular operating system;
  • Data logging;
  • Manual or automatic operation.
The maturity control system is a software developed to control and manage the heating plant and is configurable depending on the production requirements.
The system consists of a control panel with a touch screen operator panel for easy use and programming.

The main functions of the maturity control system are:

  • To program the thermal cycle or automatic start/stop of the plant or to control individual pumps supplying water to the beds beds.
  • Adjustment of the boiler to achieve the desired temperature of the bed. This adjustment is done according to sensors on the bed detecting the temperature.
  • to signal an alarm if there is a system malfunction.
  • data management of the thermal cycles for the purposes of quality control on the finished product.

The maturity control system allows the plant to be managed automatically ensuring efficient and economical operation whilst at the same time giving the operator the possibility to control the boiler for individual beds.


Maturity control system
Maturity control system
Maturity control system
Maturity control system
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