Wet Casting for Lintels

Wet Casting for Lintels

The WF Wet casting Slipformer for Lintels is available for the production of up to 16 beams at the same time depending on the width of the casting bed and the daily production volume required.

The WF Wet casting Slipformer consists of a main machine on which is mounted a mould specific to the element being produced.

In order to achieve a high degree of production flexibility the main machine can be used, not only for Lintels but for the production of other elements by using different moulds(1).
Changing production from one element to another is a quick and simple operation and does not require the use of skilled labour.

The size of the element, as well as the type of stressing cable, can be chosen depending on market requirements and the element specification required.

The mechanical, hydraulic and electrical connections between the power unit and the forming inserts are by means of quick couplings to minimize downtime time when changing from one product to another.

(1)Hollow core slabs, Single hole beams, Inverted T and I-Beams, Half Slabs.

To produce

Used in construction as well as door and window lintel have many applications

HxW 65x100 mm
Kg/m² 15.6

HxW 65x150 mm
Kg/m² 23.4

HxW 100x140 mm
Kg/m² 33.6

HxW 215x65 mm
Kg/m² 33.5

HxW 215x100 mm
Kg/m² 51.6

HxW 255x65 mm
Kg/m² 39.8

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