Concrete Curing

Once the concrete casting has been completed, it needs a certain period of time to reach the resistance of 350 (Kg/cm² before the steel strands can be released.)

If there is no problem regarding the production volume required the elements are left to dry in the production beds; This takes from 24-72 hours depending on local temperature conditions and element sizes.

However if the number of production beds is limited and daily production output needs to be maximized it is possible to shorten the curing time by using a heating plant.
Curing times can be shortened to 6-8 hours, after which the stressing wires can be released and the production beds can be made ready for another casting.

However it is always advisable to check the resistance of the concrete before wire detensioning using a cube test or smooth hammer device.
The concrete curing can be achieved in different ways. The most common method is the hot water system.

During the curing it is advisable to use covering sheets on the elements in order to limit the rate of water loss from the concrete.

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