Slipformer for Solid Slabs

Slipformer for Solid Slabs

The SF Slipformer for solid slabs is available for the production of elements with widths from 600mm to 1200mm and heights from 40mm(1) to 200mm.

Forming insert used for the production of solid slabs is the same as that used for the production of hollow core slabs. The only difference is that the moulding tubes, that make the voids, are removed.

Changing production from one element to another is a quick and simple operation and does not require the use of skilled labour.
The Forming Insert is equipped with two concrete feeders (one front and one rear) to ensure the correct supply of concrete during element casting.
The forming insert is also equipped with a smoothing device to smooth the top of the element ensuring an accurate surface finish.

The mechanical, hydraulic and electrical connections between the power unit and the forming inserts are by means of quick couplings to minimize downtime time when changing from one product to another.

The machine can produce both hollow core slabs for floors and wall panels.

(1)For solid slabs up to 65mm it is recommended that steel mesh also be used with the prestressing cables to ensure rigidity during transport and stocking.

To produce

High fire resistance and good acoustic and thermal insulation

width 1200 mm
h 100 mm • Kg/m² 234

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Slipformer for solid slabs
Slipformer for solid slabs
Solid slabs
Solid slabs
Solid slabs
Solid slabs as wall elements with male/female sides
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