Hollow Core Slabs

Hollow core slabs are prestressed concrete elements that have a constant cross section. They are manufactured using high tensile strength prestressed strands or single wire which are embedded within the element.
The production of these elements is achieved using our Extruder, Slipformer and Wet Casting machine that cast in one phase along a production bed without the need of any formworks.
Hollow core slabs are highly developed structural elements and are used all over the world due to their many advantages and diverse applications.
Today they are one of the most well-known prefabricated elements because of their technical and economic characteristics.
Hollow core slabs are widely used for flooring and wall panels in industrial, commercial, residential and infrastructure construction.
Hollow core slabs can be used with different supporting structures: concrete constructed walls, brick built walls, steel structures, on-site concrete cast structures, prefabricated beams etc.
For infrastructure hollow core slabs are used extensively to protect roads from natural dangers. They are used to construct anti-landslide and avalanche guards as well as the road decking itself, all elements requiring high loading specifications.
Moreover hollow core slabs possess certifiable fire resistances and offer an economic solution to construct fire stop walls for warehouses, industrial buildings and car parks.

Top 16 Advantages

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Field Applications

Hollow Core Slabs have many applications in residential, social, industrial, commercial and infrastructure construction where elements with high loads and up to 180 minutes of fire resistance are called for.

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Production systems available

Hollow core slabs can be produced using three different types of casting machines depending on the technical and geometric characteristics required.

Nordimpianti is able to provide all three casting machines offering its customers the technology most appropriate to their specific needs.

Extruder Casting Machines

Extruder System

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Slipformer Casting Machines

Slipformer System

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Wet Casting Machines

Wet Casting System

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