Bed Cleaners

A certain amount of concrete waste will always remain on the production beds once the elements have been removed therefore the beds must be thoroughly cleaned before re-using them.

This operation is fulfilled by a multifunction bed cleaner that moves along the production beds removing debris and water.

By the time the machine has reached the end of the production bed it is ready once again for re-use.

Depending on the type of production bed on which the cleaning machine will have to operate, Nordimpianti has developed two different machines with the aim of obtaining the maximum efficiency in this laborious but important work phase: a Vacuum Bed Cleaner for cleaning concrete production beds and a Multifunction Bed Cleaner for cleaning steel production beds.

Multifunction Bed Cleaner

The multi-function bed cleaner has been designed to perform 3 different operations...

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Vacuum Bed Cleaner

The vacuum bed cleaner has been designed to perform 2 different operations within the...

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