Extruder e120evo for Floor and Walls

Unique quality and efficiency for prestressed hollow core slabs

The Extruder EVO e120 is designed for the production of hollow core slabs with a standard width of 1200mm and heights from 150mm to 500mm.

Depending on the number of holes required in the slabs there are 4 forming inserts that can be used with a universal power unit. The mechanical and electrical connections between the various units are made by means of quick couplings to minimize downtime.

In its category the Extruder EVO series machine ensures maintenance costs are among the lowest ever due to the special design of the gearbox being completely immersed in an oil bath. All the mechanical components for the rotation and oscillation of the moving parts such as the Archimedean screws, forming tubes and side formers are continuously lubricated during machine operation and do not require other lubrication or other maintenance by the operator.

The machine can produce hollow core slabs for both walls and floors that have an excellent surface finish and do not require further painting.

Floor elements

1200 mm wide


6 holes

5 holes

4 holes

h 150 mm • Kg/m² 216
h 200 mm • Kg/m² 248
h 265 mm • Kg/m² 304
h 320 mm • Kg/m² 379
h 400 mm • Kg/m² 424
h 500 mm • Kg/m² 504

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Wall Elements

8 holes

6 holes

Ability to have the side
connection indents M/F or F/F
h 150 mm • Kg/m² 224
h 200 mm • Kg/m² 242
M/F   or   F/F

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Extruder EVO e120
Extruder EVO e120
Extruder EVO e120
Casting of 500mm hollow core slabs
Excellent concrete compaction and steel wire bonding
Excellent surface finish
8 holes hollow core slabs
6 holes hollow core slabs
5 holes hollow core slabs
4 holes hollow core slabs
Storage of 1200mm wide hollow core slabs
Storage of 1200mm wide hollow core slabs
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