Extruder e60evo for Floor and Walls

For 2x600 Hollow Core Slabs

The EVO e60 Extruder has been designed to meet the needs of producers in the hollow core civil and residential sector who require widths of 600mm in addition to the standard 1200mm.

Working on standard 1200 mm width beds the machine produces two 600 mm wide hollow core slabs with heights from 150 mm to 220 mm.

The Evo e60 Extruder is also capable of producing hollow core slabs with a width of 1200mm simply by replacing a few components on the forming insert demonstrating how versatile this machine is.
The universal power unit can also be used with other forming inserts according to the type of hollow core slabs being produced.

Floor Elements

4 holes
2x600 mm wide

h 150mm • Kg/m² 220
h180 mm • Kg/m² 241
h200 mm • Kg/m² 263
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Extruder EVO e60
Casting of 2x600mm wide hollow core slabs
Lifting of 2x600mm wide hollow core slabs
600mm wide hollow core slabs
600mm wide hollow core slabs
Storage of 600mm wide hollow core slabs
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