Extruder System

The hollow core slabs produced by NORDIMPIANTI’s EVO Extruders offer cost- effective solutions for companies who are looking for a flexible approach to produce hollow core slabs in various sizes.

Standard heights range from 150mm to 520 mm while the widths available are 600 mm, 1200 mm, 1250 mm, 1500 mm and 2400 mm.

The extruder machine casts elements in a single phase using the extrusion method without the need for vibration thus keeping the noise of the machine to a minimum.

Concrete is pushed into place around the forming tubes by the Archimedean screws ensuring an excellent level of compaction at every point along the element.

The forming tubes and the side formers create the shape and the voids of the element.

The heights of the elements, as well as the thickness of the vertical ribs can be varied within certain limits according to the applications and the element specifications required.

Hollow Core Slabs

for Floors

600 mm wide
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1200 mm wide
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1250 mm wide
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1500 mm wide
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2400 mm wide
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Hollow Core Wall Panels

1200 mm wide
1250 mm wide
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