Production organisation

Each factory manager’s target should be a daily production of 3-4 beds of manufactured elements. With this, production costs, per square meter of slab or linear meter of T-beam are minimised and allow a profitable commercial operation.

If quick drying concrete is used it is possible to produce 4 beds of manufactured elements almost all year round, except in extreme winter conditions, without having to use heating to accelerate the drying. The elements can be simply covered with a plastic sheet after they have been cast.

The machinery and equipment provided guarantees the following daily production:

Hollow Core Slabs

  • Length of production bed: 120 m
  • Width of the element: 1.2 m
  • No. of produced beds: 4
  • 120 m x 1.2 m x 4 = 576 m²

Inverted T-beams (width 120 mm - height 120 mm)

  • Length of production bed: 120 m
  • No. of T-beams per production bed: 10
  • No. of produced beds: 4.
  • 120 m x 10 x 4 = 4800 linear metres
It could be possible to increase the daily production rate to up to 8 beds per day if the market should so require it. However this would mean a lengthening of the work shift and the use of an on-site heating plant for the acceleration of the concrete drying.
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