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Fresh concrete working on hollow core floors is no longer a problem with a new automatic concrete aspirator
n. 5/2022
Extruder or Slipformer? The choice may not be as clear as you think!
n. 4/2022
New production line for hollow core slabs implementing the highest levels of automation in the Republic of Korea
n. 3/2022
Completely customised new extruder for Sweden
n. 2/2022
Nordimpianti welcomes new sales manager Asia
n. 6/2021
Central Asian house construction development: Italian technology for Uzbekistan
n. 3/2021
Successful installation of a new hollow core production line in Uzbekistan
n. 2/2021
Solutions for maximizing the harvest using modern agricultural concrete components
n. 1/2021
10 years of successful partnership with Industrial Construction Group Kovalska
n. 5/2020
New production lines for the manufacture of pre-stressed slabs and multi-layer walls
n. 4/2020
New headquarters and factory in the city of Apeldoom, in a designated Eco-factory zone.
n. 6/2019
Ministry of Housing and Urban Development visiting Préfabriqué du Faso
n. 2/2019
The Irish multinational CRH invests in a new hollow core slabs production plant in Denmark
n. 1/2019
Proven hollow-core production line at the plant of Betard in Poland
n. 6/2018
Hollow core slabs with special workings
n. 3/2018
Opening ceremony in Odessa
n. 2/2018
Production of a new type of hollow core slabs
n. 1/2018
New extruder production line launched in Georgia
n. 6/2017
New non-load bearing partition wall panel production in Vietnam
n. 5/2017
Market growth of prestressed concrete slabs in Vietnam
n. 4/2017
The ethos of the Chuvash Republic has been to encourage better and more affordable construction
n. 3/2017
The importance of automation in pre-stressed hollow core slab production
n. 1/2017
Our first article in Romanian language
n. 7/2016
Start-up in Russia for Sokol company, in the city of Yakutsk
n. 6/2016
New Extruder Evo 2: Non-Stop Innovation
n. 5/2016
Precast concrete bridge elements produced with slipformer technology
n. 4/2016
Hollow core slabs in new widths
n. 3/2016
Unprecedented launch of hollow core slab production in Saudi Arabia
n. 2/2016
Evolution of high-spec pre-stressed hollow core slabs
n. 1/2016
A new prestressed hollow core slab factory opens in Adana, Turkey
n. 6/2015
15 years of successful business in The Middle East
n. 5/2015
Prefab once again chooses Italian extrusion technology to deliver prestressed hollow core slab high production output
n. 4/2015
Successful Hollow Core Slab Production in Tyumen, Russia
n. 3/2015
New precast plant inaugurated in Siberia
n. 3/2015
Supermix in Peru combines with Italian expertise for a solid concrete outcome
n. 2/2015
Non-Stop Innovation with the Wet Casting Machine
n. 1/2015
New flooring technology for the construction market in South Korea
n. 5/2014
New production line of pre-stressed hollow core slabs at Batys Alliance Stroy in the Kazakhstan Republic
n. 3/2014
Modernizing a Plant with Extruder Technology
n. 1/2014
Successful modernization in Tyumen, Russia
SPC Industries Malaysia, chooses Italian technology for the production of pre-stressed hollow core slabs
n. 2/2013
New Production Line in Ukraine for the
n. 6/2012
Samsung Precast Factory for Hollow Core Slabs
n. 5/2012
New purchase contracts confirm presence in the Brazilian market
n. 1/2012
Italian technology helps the pioneering spirit of a family business continue to shape the unstoppable building & construction industry in the Maltese Islands
n. 5/2011
Bringing together Italian expertise and regional commitment
n. 2/2011
Prainsa Group sets up in Damman, Saudi Arabia
n. 5/2010
New Hollow Core & Precast Set-Up in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
n. 3/2010
New production of pre-stressed hollow core slabs starts at one of the leading companies operating in the Belgian market
n. 2/2010
New plant in Ukraine for hollow core flooring technology
n. 1/2010
Ground-breaking extruder for hollow core slabs 1500mm wide in Russia
n. 6/2009
Ansa Prefabricados: A New Plant Made in Italy in the City of Eternal Spring
n. 4/2009
A Market strength in the Middle East
n. 5/2008
Hollow Core Plant set up in Kuwait
n. 5/2007
A new approach to the production of hollow core prestressed precast flooring
n. 2/2007
Innovative hollow core plants from Italy
n. 2/2007
Innovative technology for hollow core production
n. 4/2005

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