The product quality that is associated to the brand Nordimpianti is important to us and is reflected in our promotional advertising being published and highlighted in all the major precast magazines.

2016 - The new EVO2 Extruder

The new EVO2 Extruder
A good machine just got better

Extruder EVO2 series, the winning choice for the production of pre-stressed hollow core slabs ...

2016 - Bauma Guide

Nordimpianti presents
Extruder EVO2

EVO2 Extruder - a step forward in terms of performance and quality incorporating a revised design in perfect harmony with new mechanical solutions, the "Made in Italy” ...

2016 - Bauma Preview

New Extruder Machine

Our R&D team have been busy incorporating the latest technology into the new Extruder machine to make it even better....

2015 - More than just tailor made

More than just tailor made

For the production of prestressed concrete elements NORDIMPIANTI designs and manufactures machines and plant tailored to every customer...

2015 - Extruder


Advanced Extrusion Technology

Extruder EVO series, the winning choice for the production of pre-stressed hollow core slabs...

2015 - Slipformer


Advanced Technology

The ultimate in performance from our range of Slipformers sf series...

2015 - Wet Casting

Wet Casting

Advanced Technology

The Wet Casting wf series, the winning choice for the production of elements with particular technical specifications...

2015 - Season’s Greetings

Season’s Greetings

Global Nordimpianti World Wide

In the last 40 years NORDIMPIANTI has developed from small beginnings to become a leading global supplier of equipment to produce prestressed concrete elements...

2014 - Why Nordimpianti

Why Nordimpianti

We are one of the world’s leading suppliers of machinery and complete production plant for the manufacture of pre-stressed concrete elements...

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